See More, Do More This Year with Our 2019 Travel Bucket List


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As the New Year settles in, we’re looking forward to a 2019 filled with travel and new experiences. Everyone’s bucket list looks different, and you should get to work on starting your own.

But here are some ideas to get your brainstorming rolling and some must-dos for every traveler this year.


1. Finally Cross Off a Bucket List Monument or Attraction 


2019 Travel Bucket List

Bali, Indonesia


Want to walk the Great Wall of China? Never been to the Taj Mahal? Want to see Machu Picchu before it’s too late? This is your year to finally do it. We’d love to help you get a cheap flight to the destination of your dreams with our international flight deal notification service, Thrifty Traveler Premium. Save $250 – $500+ on your flight so you have more to spend in your actual destination.


2. Fly for Free


2019 Travel Bucket List


It probably sounds like a hoax a scam, but we’re for real. The value of points and miles is undeniable. Whether you want to fly in first class or just take more trips in economy, there’s no better way to accelerate your travel than with credit card travel rewards. And the best part? It’s not as difficult as airlines and credit card companies would have you believe.

Read our guide to getting started with points and miles. Read up on how your credit score really works – the most misunderstood segment of this crazy world. Check out some of our favorite cards for redeeming free travel, including the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card card and the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.


3. Experience a City Like a Local


2019 Travel Bucket List



Get out of your comfort zone (and the hotel) and explore your next destination differently.

Read our guides to some incredible cities and countries across the globe to get some ideas. We’ve got tips for your trip to Vietnam, Seoul, Bali, Berlin, Tokyo, the Azores, and many more. Check out our Travel Guide page for a full listing.

Try staying at an Airbnb with a host, and chat with them about their favorite things to do in the city. Use the Airbnb Experiences to book a bike tour or food tour hosted by a passionate local. Stay at hostels and strike up a conversation with the receptionist or bartender.

These may seem like little things, but these small changes to your accommodations can make a big difference in your experience. You’ll get the best recommendations that you’d never find out about otherwise!


4. Explore More of the Good Ol’ U.S.A.


2019 Travel Bucket List

Antelope Canyon, Arizona


Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive – and it doesn’t have to be international.

Some of the best trips you’ll take might be within the states! Have you walked through the orange swirls of Antelope Canyon? Want to wade in the waters of Zion National Park? Never been to the Golden Gate Bridge, or Seattle’s Pike Place Market? It’s time to finally cross these U.S. destinations off your list. Whether it’s a short weekend camping and hiking or a week in New York City eating your heart out, exploring the U.S. is a great way to itch that travel bug without using up all your PTO or money.

Some of our favorite spots are Savannah, Boston, Charleston, Phoenix, Austin, San Diego, and Portland. Need a cheap flight deal to get there? Sign up for our free newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get notified of the best domestic flight deals we find each day.


5. Take a shower…on a plane?


2019 Travel Bucket List


It sounds insane, but we’re serious: You can take a shower on a plane! And you can do it for free. This is the beauty of points and miles, friends!

You can take a shower on board the Emirates Airbus A380 if you’re flying first class. So enjoy that First Class suite feeling fresh and clean. Or fly in the Etihad Apartment, another incredible first class ticket that lets you shower at 36,000 feet. Read our guide to booking the Apartment with miles, and enjoy a space that rivals my first apartment for free.

Of course, if you were to pay cash for any of these flights, just one way would cost you tens thousands of dollars. Instead, use points and miles to cross these dream experiences off your list and pay just taxes and fees. At least one of our Thrifty Traveler team members has flown each of these luxurious first-class products by harnessing the power of travel rewards credit cards. To get started in the points and miles world and work your way towards a showering on a plane, check out some of our best travel rewards articles:

Thrifty Traveler’s Beginner’s Guide

A Newbie’s Approach to Credit Card Points and Miles

Getting Started with Travel Rewards Cards

How to Book Flight Deals with Chase Ultimate Rewards Points


Bottom Line

These are some awesome ways to spice up your travel in 2019, but don’t let the list stop here. Make your travel dreams come true with cheap flight deals, points and miles, and an open mind set on seeing the world. Cheers to the New Year!


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