Why 2015 is the year to travel to Europe

Bavaria thrifty traveler

There has not been a cheaper time to travel to Europe in recent memory.  Here are the top three reasons you should be booking your trip today.

#1 – Strong US Dollar

Euro to USD

The Euro is down 21% in the last year due to economic issues in the Eurozone and the continued strong US Dollar.  The Euro has not been this low since 2003.  As an American traveling in Europe you can now buy much more for your dollar.


#2 – Depressed oil prices = Lower airline ticket prices 

WTI Crude Oil

The price of oil is down 38% in the last year which means jet fuel is cheaper and so are flights.  Due to the strong dollar, travel from Europe is also down which results in more flight deals to fill vacant seats.


#3 – The points and miles world has never been hotter

There are so many credit cards bonuses ripe for the taking. Why pay for flights and hotels when you can get them for FREE?  Follow my beginner’s guide to walk you through step by step. If you are new to the points game I better warn you it can be addicting!



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