$20 Uber Credit via Facebook Messenger

Valid only in: San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami

If you live in select cities, you can get a $20 Uber credit by linking your Facebook Messenger and Uber accounts. Existing users can claim the credit as well. You may have to download the latest version of the Messenger app to see the new options. I was unable to pull up the offer since I do not live in one of the select cities. There are multiple successful data points on the SlickDeals forums. Seems to be hit and miss but it’s worth a try!


Never used Uber before? Get $15 towards your first Uber ride! (Can be stacked with this $20 offer!)


How to get the Credit:

  1. Open Messenger on your mobile device.
  2. Open a previous conversation with someone.
  3. Look for the Car Icon, it will be at the bottom with all the other icons. (Text, Picture, Gallery, Smiley Face, etc.)
  4. If the icon is not there click on the box with three white dots to the far right of all those icons.
  5. Click On Transportation.
  6. Link your Uber Account.
  7. Uber will message you informing you of your free $20 credit.
  8. If you go to Payments in your Uber account you should see the free ride listed.

If the Transportation icon does not show up you may have to update or uninstall and reinstall the messenger app. If you are not in San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles or Miami, the $20 Uber credit may not be available.


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Did you get the $20 Uber credit? Let us know in the comments below!


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