Earn 1,000 Free American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

American Airlines Thrifty Traveler

Want to earn 1,000 FREE AAdvantage miles? In celebration of American Airlines merger with US Airways, American is giving you 1,000 AAdvantage miles if you watch six very short videos.  The good news is the videos are 1-2 minutes long and actually contain relevant information if you are new to the program.  If you’re an AAdvantage program veteran then you can just skip to the end of each video and answer the questions.  It shouldn’t take you more than 90 seconds.  I even made it easier for you by cheating and writing down the answers! Just don’t tell on me! Also, make sure to register at the end so the points are deposited into the right account.  Plus, by registering you eligible to win two First Class round-trip tickets anywhere!  Mrs. TT and I were happy to each get 1,000 AAdvantage miles to use towards our next trip.  Just make sure to clear your browser’s history or use a different browser if you sign-up for more than one person!

Thrifty Tip:  AAdvantage miles are great for redemptions to Europe.  MileSAAver Off Peak rewards (Oct. 15 – May 15) can be found for as low as 20k AAdvantage miles per flight!  Mrs. TT and I always use AAdvantage awards when traveling to Europe as American Airlines is very generous with their awards.  We’re flying roundtrip First Class to Europe this summer for 100k AAdvantage miles!

AAdvantage University

AAdvantage University Cheat Sheet

Principles of Redeeming Miles

Q: Most people redeem their miles for?

Answer: Flights

Inside Elite Benefits

Q: Which is not a level of AAdvantage elite status?

Answer: Iron

Exploring My Account

Q: You can save what information in your AAdvantage account?

Answer: All of the above

Earning Miles with Credit Cards

Q: You can save how much off your in-flight purchases when you use your card on AA and US Airways operated flights?

Answer: 25%

Earning with Partners

Q: How can you earn miles with the AAdvantage Dining program?

Answer: Dining Out

Seeing the World: Flying & Earning

Q: American Airlines offers how many daily flights?

Answer: 6,700


Enjoy your free American Airlines Miles!

If you’re new to the points and miles game try our Beginner’s Guide!